Berikut adalah temubual Al Jazeera dengan Zainuddin Maidin tentang
penggunaan dakwat pada kuku menjelang PRU12

Al Jazeera : Why did you cancel the ink usage in the upcoming general

Zam Maidin : We...We..We... are not Burma, we are not Myanmar....we are
not vietnam..they are democratic country...we are not
democratic....opps..we are also democratic but..but..but..

Al Jazeera : Why don't you allowed the ink then?

Zam Maidin : We..We are allowing ink..but..but..but....the people...errr...
'seludup' the ink from India to Malaysia..You know in our nagara cannot
seludup-seludup one. You know seludup-seludup is illegal....

Al Jazeera : Why don't the police arrest the smuggler?

Zam Maidin : We try to arrest..but the police

Al Jazeera : Many thanks sir!!

Zam Maidin : Al Jazeera..why you talk to someone from the
opposition party. Why don't you ask the know our PM is Mr
Clean ...he don't want to dirty-dirty his nail with ink one... are
trying to project us undemocratic..We..we are not Burma..we are not
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